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Birth & Postpartum Services

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there”


The Support You Deserve

 Becoming a parent is a life changing event, and here at Birthscapes I am there for you from conception onwards, helping you to prepare for a positive and empowered birth experience (whichever type of birth you choose), providing ongoing support as you move forward into parenthood with your little one.

At Birthscapes your wellbeing as a parent or parent to be, is at the heart of everything I do. 

I provide all the emotional, educational and physical support that you need during pregnancy, labour and beyond. Whether you’re interested in a Hypnobirthing class, Before & Beyond Birth Early Mindful Parenting Groups, Positive Parenting or postpartum support, I am here for you.

It has been shown that baby's time in the womb creates a blueprint for it's future and that birth experiences are important for both the mother / birthing person and their baby regarding emotional wellbeing and attachment. I see hypnobirthing as something that not only provides parents with more calm, comfortable and positive birth experiences, but as something that has a hugely positive affect on the future of babies and their parents.

As a  3 Step Rewind Trauma & Phobia Release Practitioner & Perinatal Worker, I specialise in helping parents plan for the birth they always deserved following birth trauma or in lifting difficult emotions relating to their fertility,  pregnancy or portpatum journey.

Many parents come to me where they are experiencing anxiety regarding birth (including anxiety around birthing during the pandemic), planning for a Gentle Caesarean, VBAC, or where there are other unique considerations that mean that they may benefit from a little more time as well as a more sensitive and caring approach. 

Whether this is your first baby or subsequent, I am here for you, every step of the way. 

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What makes Birthscapes special?


At Birthscapes, I know too well the importance of finding your village as a parent / caregiver!

We need to fill our own cups in order to be able to show upon the way we want and need for our children and loved ones - a big part of this is community. 

As such, connection and support are part of the deal. You will never be alone – and most importantly, you will always have somewhere to go if you are in need.

I am proud to be offering the award winning Before Birth and Beyond Birth Mindful Early Parenting course to expectant and new parents, supporting your emotional wellbeing during pregnancy and the early stages of parenthood.  

From April 2022 I am delivering Beyond Birth at Gibside National Trust for parents / caregivers and their infants aged 0-12 months. Please email: to find out more.

I will also be running Tree Babies Mindfulness Groups from Spring within the North East (UK) and seasonal Mamma Wild retreats.

When you sign up to any of Birthscapes services, you receive so much more to help you find your tribe!


Why Choose Me?

I am mamma to my beautiful hypno-baby who was born by C-section (hypnobirthing is for all births and all birthing eventualities), I'm a trained Occupational Therapist, a Perinatal Wellbeing and 3 Step Rewind Birth Trauma Practitioner, Starting Solids Facilitator, Attached at the Heart Positive Parenting Educator and Laughter Yoga Leader. Additionally, I am completing my training as a Mindful Breastfeeding Supporter and Infant Massage Teacher as well as completing a diploma in Postpartum Nutrition (Phew that's a lot to rattle off!). 

I created Birthscapes to provide ongoing holistic support to parents from conception onwards, with a focus on wellbeing and positive attachment.

As a new mum back at the beginning of 2018 I was desperate to find connection and just talk about how I was doing with other parents, and I really found this a struggle at times. I also had absolutely no idea about breastfeeding, carrying my infant safely or just what to do with a baby in general and could have done with done with someone to say "all your baby needs is you and actually you're doing wonderfully!". 

When I created Birthscapes I wanted to provide a space where parents could come together either in person or online to support one another, to feel heard, held and receive that much needed connection and to provide parents with education and tools to support wellbeing and build confidence in ourselves, because actually when you trust your instinct, you know what is best for you and baby! 

And providing my clients with the tools to tune inwards starts with hypnobirthing. I truly believe that making heart-led decisions in birth supports a more positive birth and ultimately a more positive parenting journey.

My Services

I offer comprehensive support throughout the perinatal period, from conception and onwards.
My services can be accessed on a stand-alone basis, or we can create a bespoke package to meet your needs.
I deliver my courses both within group settings or on a private 1:1 basis.
Please contact me with any queries that you may have.

Expectant Couple

Comprehensive hypnobirthing programme & antenatal education to prepare for the birth of your baby.

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“You are the universe in ecstatic motion”


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