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Birth & Postpartum Services

Birthscapes provides compassionate support and guidance throughout the perinatal period and onwards; from conception to following the birth of baby.

At Birthscapes, your wellbeing as a parent is paramount and at the heart of everything I do.
Making the journey into parenthood is one of the biggest transitions of our lives and we could all do with a bit of love and encouragement as we take those first steps.

As a caring Birth and Parenting Professional, I provide all the emotional and educational support that you need during pregnancy, labour and beyond. Whether you’re interested in a birth preparation or wellbeing class, birth trauma support and positive parenting workshops, I'm here for you.



Here at Birthscapes we have a vision of the world where parents feel supported throughout their pregnancy, during and after the birth of their beautiful baby – whether it's baby #1 or #20.

Hi, I'm Katy, the founder of Birthscapes, qualified Occupational Therapist, perinatal professional and mum to a 3 year old with a passion for supporting my clients as they transition into and make their journey through parenthood.

Birthscapes is here for you from conception and onwards, with a strong focus upon parental wellbeing and infant bonding.

Courses include KG Hypnobirthing and antenatal education, Mindful Breastfeeding support, Before & Beyond Birth Parental wellbeing sessions, Laughter yoga , Attached at the Heart Positive Parenting and starting solids workshops.

Additionally, I am here to hold your hand and guide you through trauma recovery in the lead up to or following your baby's birth using the 3-Step Rewind Process, specialising in the provision of trauma-sensitive fertility, antenatal and postnatal support. 

I know too well the importance of finding your village as a parent! As such, my tribe of followers share their experiences so you will never be alone – and most importantly, you will always have somewhere to go if you are in need.

I believe that a strong mental environment is needed as part of a nurturing, supporting and loving family environment (however you make up your family).

I liken birth and parenting experiences to very different landscapes, each powerful and beautiful in their own right, with every terrain being unique. Birthscapes is here to help forge a strong path for you, a path you can rely on, a path which takes you on a journey where you feel protected and safe, educated, empowered, strong and liberated.​


My Services

I offer comprehensive support throughout the perinatal period, from conception and onwards.
My services can be accessed on a stand-alone basis, or we can create a bespoke package to meet your needs.
I deliver my courses both within group settings or on a private 1:1 basis.
Please contact me with any queries that you may have.

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Comprehensive hypnobirthing programme & antenatal education

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