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Birth and Maternal Wellbeing 

Birthscapes provides hypnobirthing, birth preparation and postpartum support to mothers from conception onwards. 

Prenatal Portrait

The Support You Deserve

Are you expecting a baby or navigating the early stages of motherhood? 

Becoming a parent is a life changing event, whether this is your first baby or subsequent as such,  Birthscapes is with you from conception onwards.  

Helping you to prepare for a positive and empowered birth experience (whatever birth you are planning for and however your birth looks like on the day) and providing you with ongoing support as you move forwards on your motherhood journey.

Whether you’re interested in Hypnobirthing, Birth Empowerment or Gentle Caesarean Workshops, Mindful Wellbeing or Postpartum groups, at Birthscapes you will find the support that you need.

As an antenatal, hypnobirthing and trauma release practitioner, many parents seek my support where they may be experiencing trauma-related barriers to conception, or where there have been difficulties in relation to their perinatal journey (including fertility, loss, tokophobia, antenatal, birth or postpartum trauma or difficulties)

I understand the power of nature for our mental and physical wellbeing as mothers and regularly lead mindful wellbeing groups for mums and caregivers in nature, supporting positive connection with our children and with ourselves. So often as mothers we nurture others, at Birthscapes you are guided in turning those nurturing instincts inwards, offering yourself the love, kindness and empathy that you would a dear friend. 

I am proud to support women both online and in-person depending on your location and service accessed. As such, I am able to work with you wherever you are based.

My services include:

KG Hypnobirthing (the UK's leading 5* course, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives)

Birth Empowerment (birth preparation) support

Gentle Caesarean support

Before Birth Mindful Wellbeing

Beyond Birth Mindful Early Parenting support

Nature Babies (parent & baby outdoor group)

Mother Nurture Walking Groups

Growing Together Occupational Therapy-based Mum & Baby Groups

3 Step Rewind Trauma & Phobia Release 

What My Clients Say

"Katy was completely professional as well as warm during my 3 Step Rewind sessions. It was so good to have a safe space and some scheduled sessions for myself to work through some complicated emotions and memories linked to my pregnancy and birth experience.
I had a lot of anxieties and struggles in relationships with my daughter and husband following a premature labour, emergency caesarean and extremely difficult experience of hyperemesis which restricted me from fully engaging in my pregnancy.
I had positive results and am much more accepting of the long-term struggles associated to these experiences now.
Since my sessions I've found it really helpful to use the techniques I learned to help keep me calm in times of increased anxieties, which is common with a headstrong toddler " - Laura
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