A little hello

The Founder of Birthscapes

Hello, I'm Katy and I am so pleased to meet you! 

I am a mummy to an incredible and energetic 3 year old, wife to my life partner and best friend of 19 years, a cat mum and a qualified Occupational Therapist. 

I live in the rural suburbs of Gateshead, bordering Northumberland in the UK. 

My hobbies include taking scenic strolls, reading, singing and occasionally travelling when life allows. 

I am a former hypnobirthing mum as well as being someone who has overcame their own perinatal mental health. I experienced quite severe and undiagnosed postnatal anxiety for over two years, and challenges in relation to my daughter's continued breastfeeding journey. I helped my own recovery through reading and educating myself, seeking support from other mums both online and in person and using laughter yoga and mindfulness techniques and showing myself a lot of self-compassion.

If you would like to know a bit more about my own birth story, please click here

I am now to all intents and purposes a birth fanatic with a particular interest in perinatal mental health, birth trauma, attachment and utilising play to support with parent-child bonding.

As a laughter yoga leader, I believe that laughter has a huge part to play for parents, throughout the perinatal period, in relation to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, bonding and for our emotional wellbeing.

As a result of my own journey, I noticed a clear gap within the healthcare system regarding prevention and upstream support, with many parents unfortunately slipping through the net when it came to identifying any difficulties they may be experiencing and receiving support.

I feel there is a  strong need for a service that offers parents continual support, throughout their perinatal journey (from conception to 12 months postpartum) and beyond.

As such, I created Birthscapes, to fully support you as you make the journey into and onwards through parenthood.

Becoming a parent is a huge life transition and something that we just cannot do easily by ourselves without facing the risk of being burned out, and facing negative impact upon our own wellbeing. We were meant to parent as part of a tribe, we were meant to have our village.

Let Birthscapes offer you the support, as well as being the tribe and village you require; and allow me to provide you with my own personal expertise, care and attention. ​

I do hope that I may be able to work with you to assist and support you, whatever stage of your parenthood journey you are at.​

I look forward to hearing from you. ​

Warmest wishes, 


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