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A little hello

The Founder of Birthscapes

Hello, I'm Katy and I am so pleased to meet you! 

I am a mummy to an incredible and energetic 5 year old, wife to my partner and best friend of 20 years, owner of one moody moggy and a qualified Occupational Therapist. I live in the rural suburbs of Gateshead, bordering Northumberland in the UK. My hobbies include taking scenic strolls, going to National Trust and English Heritage properties, reading, singing and occasionally travelling when life allows. 

I am a former hypnobirthing (and C-section) mum as well as being someone who has overcame their own perinatal mental health difficulties. 

I now support parents-to-be and new parents in the way I wish I had been. I have a particular interest in maternal and perinatal mental health, birth trauma, attachment and the use of play to support with parent-child bonding.

As a laughter yoga leader, I believe that laughter has a huge part to play for parents, throughout the perinatal period, in relation to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, bonding and for our emotional wellbeing; releasing key hormones and promoting a positive mindset.

As a result of my own journey, I noticed a clear gap within the healthcare system regarding prevention and upstream support. Many parents unfortunately slipping through the net when it comes to identifying any difficulties they may be experiencing and they receive little to no support.

Globally, the value of parents, and in particular mothers and motherhood is ignored. Some countries offer fantastic antenatal and maternity / paternity packages, but for the most part, parents have their needs neglected. 

So many people find out when they are expecting, that they have idea of what is actually involved when it comes to pregnancy, birth and parenthood, nor is there an understanding of postpartum needs.

Within the UK alone between 10-20% of women are affected by perinatal mental health difficulties during pregnancy and the first year after giving birth, however this figure does not take into account the mothers with ongoing difficulties past the one year mark, or the fathers / partners who can also experience perinatal mental health difficulties and other issues relating to becoming a parent. 

Providing parents with compassionate and comprehensive education around birth, the transition into parenthood and what to expect, including setting expectations around what is "normal" and developmentally appropriate regarding infant behaviour and needs, as well as discussing the reality of perinatal mental health and postpartum recovery would, I believe, significantly reduce the rate of perinatal mental illness and improve both parent and infant health and wellbeing (physical, emotional and developmental).

There is a  strong need for a service, that offers parents continual support, throughout their perinatal journey (from conception to 12 months postpartum) and beyond. Somewhere that parents can come and find familiarity, and receive continual holistic support whether this in relation to antenatal preparation and birth planning; postpartum planning, care and wellbeing; the practicalities of parenting and caring for your little one, or attending regular groups for connection with other parents.


About Me: About

I created Birthscapes, to fully support you as you make the journey into and onwards through parenthood, providing the services that I wish had ben available to me during pregnancy and the early postpartum period.

I am continually developing my offerings to ensure that I am able to provide a quality service that holistically meets your needs.

Becoming a parent is a huge life transition and something that we just cannot do easily by ourselves without facing the risk of being burned out, and facing negative impact upon our own wellbeing. We were meant to parent as part of a tribe, we were meant to have our village.

Let Birthscapes offer you this support, combined with my own personal expertise, care and attention. ​

I do hope that I may be able to work with you to assist and support you, whatever stage of your parenthood journey you are at, whether this is relation to birth preparation or postpartum planning. You will be provided with space to be heard and feel nurtured whilst connecting with other parents through my mindful wellbeing groups or courses (pre and post natal), or in supporting you to move on and heal from difficulties that you may have experienced by accessing 3 Step Rewind and my birth debriefing services. 

By accessing Birthscapes services early on either during pregnancy or at the start of your parenting journey, you are ensuring that you are prepared and empowered.

I look forward to hearing from you. ​

Warmest wishes, 


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Mother's Kiss

Qualifications & Experience

  • Milk + Seed Postpartum Kitchen Apprenticeship

  • Trainee Mindful Breastfeeding Supporter (The Mindful Breastfeeding School)

  • Trainee Tree Babies Guide (Blossom & Berry)

  • Trainee Infant Massage & Wellbeing Practitioner (Blossom & Berry)

  • Growing Together Mum & Baby Groups (Nurture.OT)

  • Attachment Parenting International (API) Attached at the Heart Positive Parenting Educator

  • Before & Beyond Birth Mental Wellbeing Practitioner (Beyond Birth Collective)

  • Chilled Mama Starting Solids Facilitator 

  • Birthing Awareness 3 Step Rewind Practitioner

  • KGH (Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing) Teacher Training 

  • United Mind Laughter Yoga Leader 

  • BSc Occupational Therapy

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About Me: Clients
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