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Words from My Clients

I had several sessions with Katy after the birth of my second child I had antenatal depression and had built up in my head some experiences from my first birth and pregnancy which were affecting my mood.

Katy was professional kind and had a warm personality which made the sessions easy to settle in to. I found the techniques really calming and also found it a safe space to discuss my feelings.

I had positive results from the session and this gave me a feeling of calm and a sense of closure on my experience I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone suffering from both trauma or a difficult pregnancy or birth.
I am very grateful to Katy for helping me through this time with kindness and know she will be able to help may women

Rebecca, Northumberland

Katy was completely professional as well as warm and welcoming during my 3 step rewind sessions.
It was so good to have a safe space and some scheduled sessions for myself to work on some complicated emotions and memories linked to my pregnancy and birth experience.

I had a lot of anxieties and struggles in relationships with my daughter and husband following a premature labour and emergency c section and the extremely difficult experience of hyperemesis which restricted me from fully engaging in my pregnancy.

I feel like I had positive results and am much more accepting of the long term struggles associated to these experiences now. Since my sessions I’ve found it really helpful to be able to use techniques I learned to help me keep calm in times of increased anxieties which Is common with a headstrong toddler!

Laura, North East (UK)

'I recently took part in the rewind sessions with Katy to help me deal with a specific anxiety around taking my baby for her immunisations.

I usually find visualisation techniques tricky so I wasn't sure if it would be for me, however the results were amazing!
After the sessions my feelings of guilt and anxiety were significantly reduced and on the the day of the next round of immunisations I was able to approach the situation much more calmly and felt more calm and confident during and after the event.

I found Katy’s manner so calming and reassuring and believe this made the experience a success for me. I was really amazed at how my thoughts and feelings could be reframed and anxiety levels reduced over such a short space of time.
Thank you Katy!'

Claire, Tyne & Wear

I made contact with Katy via a friend recommending her services. The recommendation came after we had been chatting about birth trauma.
Like many women, our birth stories are dampened down with whisperings of 'oh but so long as baby got here safely' and 'it is worth it once they are in your arms'. Those lovely sentiments are very much true but unhelpful, when processing our own traumas. My own birth traumas have been pushed aside and have only become a issue in the next pregnancy.

As my due date in my third pregnancy approached it seemed like Katy's support came at the perfect time. Facing the prospect of a induction is daunting and it has been exasperated further as we are the middle of a pandemic.
After some initial conversations with Katy I was particularly interested in the rewind method and I embarked on three sessions one to one virtually with Katy.

I was not sure what I was expecting if I am honest, especially doing it online! But to feel so relaxed, held and at times feeling utter joy was not what I had anticipated!

Following the sessions, I feel so much more confident that no matter what happens I can get through this time. I recognise the tools I have already to help me get through this uncertain time, I am not reliving the pain I experienced and I just can't recommend the service enough!
Thank you Katy. You have no idea how much your support has meant. Instead of sheer horror I am excited that each day brings me closer to holding my baby.

Cheryl, Tyne & Wear

Katy's input really had a positive impact on my pregnancy and birthing experience after a previous traumatic birth.

She has fantastic knowledge and as different things came up in my pregnancy she would provide me with research and knowledge and ensure that I knew all of my possible options to enable me to make informed decisions. She was flexible and always willing to go that bit extra to help in any she could.

I would recommend Katy to help deal with previous birth trauma and be able to focus on a future birth with a clearer mind, and/or to approach birth with knowledge and empowerment to make the experience more positive.

Louise, Cumbria

"I didn't believe in hypnobirthing at first but it was amazing to see the effects and benefits it had to my wife and baby. I'd recommend it to every expectant family"

Mr P, Reading

"I've used hypnosis to change a number of habits over the years and even to prepare for some big life events. Preparation for birth is so important and I am so happy that I partnered with Katy. Her hypnobirthing course is informative, calming and just what I needed! She empowered my birth partners and I with all of the possible scenarios so we could make informed choices without fear. She is simply amazing and I would recommend her course to every expectant family."

Mrs P, Reading

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