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“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there”



Hi, I'm Katy, the founder of Birthscapes, qualified Occupational Therapist, Hypnobirthing and Antenatal Teacher, Perinatal Wellbeing and Gentle Parenting Practitioner, as well as mum to a 4 year old.


I am passionate about supporting the wellbeing of my clients as they make the transition into and journey through parenthood. Here at Birthscapes I offer support from the time of planning for a baby onwards, with a particular focus upon the first 1001 days. Birthscapes was dreamed about following the birth of my own e daughter, as I wanted to provide parents with a service that offered continual holistic support, focusing not only on preparing for the birth of baby, but focusing on parental wellbeing, providing opportunities to meet and bond with other parents, 

Birthscapes vision of the world is one where where parents feel heard, valued, supported and empowered.

Parental wellbeing and positive attachment is at the heart of Birthscapes services.

I am fascinated by the impact of oxytocin (the hormone of love, birth and bonding) during pregnancy, birth and postpartum and I provide tools and education to support an oxytocin-fuelled parenting journey.

I hope to guide my clients to become heart-led: cutting out the "noise" and tuning inwards, focusing upon what feels right to us and for this to come from the heart.

My services include the 5*-rated RCM and FEDANT accredited KG Hypnobirthing and antenatal education (including a trauma specific and Gentle Caesarean hypnobirthing program), Before Birth Mindful Preparation & Beyond Birth Mindful Parenting, Laughter yoga, Attached at the Heart Positive Parenting Workshops (providing education sessions upon: safe sleep, nurturing touch, positive discipline, responding with sensitivity, family & life balance) and Starting Solids workshops as well as providing regular courses and wellbeing events.


I am a 3 Step Rewind Trauma and Phobia practitioner, specialising in the provision of trauma-sensitive fertility, antenatal and postnatal support, to include birth and breastfeeding-related trauma.

3-Step Rewind is a simple process that lifts feelings of trauma or difficult emotions in relation to a particular event or series of events.

These past two years have been so difficult for everyone as we have tried to navigate life through the pandemic. However expectant and new parents have faced exceptionally hard pressures and in turn many parents have experienced trauma in relation to this.  3 Step Rewind has been shown to be effective in reducing anxiety and in releasing difficult feelings in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, both pre and post birth.

I know too well the importance of finding your village as a parent! As such, my tribe of followers share their experiences so you will never be alone – and most importantly, you will always have somewhere to go if you are in need. I believe that a strong mental environment is needed as part of a nurturing, supporting and loving family environment (however you make up your family).

I liken birth and parenting experiences to very different landscapes, each powerful and beautiful in their own right, with every terrain being unique. Birthscapes is here to help forge a strong path for you, a path you can rely on, a path which takes you on a journey where you feel protected and safe, educated, empowered, strong and liberated.​

Here at Birthscapes, you will always have a place to come to find support and community, whatever the stage of your parenting journey.

If you would like to book a free no-obligation call with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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My Services

I offer comprehensive support throughout the perinatal period, from conception and onwards.
My services can be accessed on a stand-alone basis, or we can create a bespoke package to meet your needs.
I deliver my courses both within group settings or on a private 1:1 basis.
Please contact me with any queries that you may have.

Expectant Couple

Comprehensive hypnobirthing programme & antenatal education to prepare for the birth of your baby.

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“You are the universe in ecstatic motion”


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