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Birth Power

Birthscapes deluxe online birth package combining the acclaimed KG Hypnobirthing programme and the wonderful Before Birth Mindful Wellbeing course.

Take this time to prepare yourself in body, mind and spirit as you move towards your baby's birth date.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Birth Power is a new online antenatal wellbeing and birth preparation group programme that I am providing to expectant parents from December 12th. This is suitable for all expectant parents, whether your first baby or next, from 20 through to 34 weeks of your pregnancy. The programme is being held over 6 weeks where you will access both the acclaimed KG Hypnobirthing course and the wonderful Before Birth Mindful Wellbeing course.

Hypnobirthing has been found to help parents have calmer, more comfortable and confident birth experiences and taking time to tune inwards and explore your emotions in the lead up to your baby's birth is so very important. 

This wonderful package is being offered for £150 in total for December only.

[Note: My online group hypnobirthing course is valued at £200 and my Before Birth Package is valued at £55.]

What to expect:

On Monday evenings you (and your birth partner) will attend online KG Hypnobirthing sessions from 7.30-9.30pm (GMT).

On Wednesday evenings mothers / birthing persons will meet together online from 8-9.15pm 
(GMT) where you will be led through the wonderful Before Birth Mindful Wellbeing course, using a combination of therapeutic techniques and providing you with the opportunity to explore your emotions with other expectant mothers.


It is highly recommended that participants purchase a copy of The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves. 

As part of this package you will receive:

Electronic Parents Folder 

MP3 relaxation

Electronic birth template 

PDF Birth Affirmation cards

PDF Oxytocin Anchor script 

KGH is the UK's original hypnobirthing course, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and used by expectant parents globally. KGH uses evidence-based information and sound logic to provide the perfect holistic hypnobirthing course, covering the physiology of birth, your rights and options, the healthcare system and the roles of your healthcare providers and more. During each session you will be guided through a number of relaxations and exercises that will bring you and your birth partner together on this wonderful journey as a birth team. 


Before Birth is a Mindful Wellbeing course for mums / birthing persons using a combination of therapeutic wellbeing techniques that help you to tune tune inwards, slow down, and explore your emotions to include mindfulness, journaling, guided relaxations, breathwork, affirmations and group discussions. Each week has a particular wellbeing theme to include: nurture, emotions, connections and transformation. 

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