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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I am so pleased to welcome you to Birthscapes. Please note the website is currently an ongoing work in progress, however I wanted to make my services available to you as soon as possible.

I decided back in 2017 whilst pregnant, that I wanted to try and use my training as an Occupational Therapist, alongside my personal experience as a mum, to provide holistic birth support for parents, supporting them in their transition to parenthood.

'Occupational therapy (OT) is a science degree-based, health and social care profession, regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council. Occupational therapy takes a “whole-person approach” to both mental and physical health and wellbeing and enables individuals to achieve their full potential.' (Royal College of Occupational Therapists, 2019)

'Occupational therapists are increasingly needed to support with perinatal healthcare, which is something that has been expanding over the last few years. While the physical health of both the mother and her newborn is obviously a high priority, it is becoming clear that the focus needs to be expanded to include mental health as well.' (JustOT, 2020)

As a trained Occupational Therapist, I want to be able to provide an upstream service, looking at preventative support. Therefore I have taken it upon myself to engage in as much birth CPD as possible, to hopefully be your go-to source of support regarding birth and your role as a new parent.

I am absolutely fascinated with the role of Oxytocin, a hormone that is essential regarding our birth experience, breastfeeding (should you wish to pursue this), connection with your baby and our mental wellbeing.

I am committed to taking you on an oxytocin journey, to help you block out any negativities impacting upon your oxytocin production, bringing you back to your natural instincts and bodily design which allows you to birth your baby like a warrior-goddess and feed your baby like a milk-making pro!

We will do this by addressing any previous trauma or trauma experienced as part of your birthing journey (Rewind Trauma support), through providing a comprehensive hypnobirthing package (KG Hypnobirthing) which is recognised as the leading programme by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

You will also be invited to attend mindful breastfeeding workshops to equip you with the knowledge and education about breastfeeding so that you are ready to hit the ground running when your baby arrives and as ongoing support once your baby is earth-side and to attend online laughter yoga workshops if you so wish.

Of course, there may be times that we still encounter difficulty on our journey whether it be with our birth experience, our breastfeeding experience, our parent-child connection or our general mental wellbeing - this is such a HUGE change when we become a parent, no wonder it is tough and challenging at times! But I can be here to hold your hand and I can be the quiet person in the background who has your back, or the loud voice helping to advocate for you or to shout about just how fantastic you are, no matter what your birth or parenting outcome!

We all come to our journey wanting the best for our baby and ourselves as an individual, perhaps as a couple and a family - that in itself makes you a superstar!

Please look out for upcoming events, and future packages / workshops.

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