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Gentle Caesarean Workshop

Support to help you plan the best birth experience for you and your baby. 

Image by Alex Hockett

Drawing upon my experience as a C-section Hypno mum, and my training as a Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Teacher and Positive Birth Educator, I am bringing to you a wonderful 3 hour workshop that helps you plan for the most positive birthing experience for you and your baby!

We will look at & discuss:

  • Your reasons for choosing a caesarean birth & what is important to you

  • Statistics

  • Discussing your plans with your healthcare providers

  • The importance of relaxation during pregnancy

  • The importance of oxytocin

  • Your options regarding a C-section birth

  • A positive mindset (affirmations, and releasing fear).

  • Breathing for birth.

  • Creating the environment you want for a positive birth experience

  • The microbiome

  • Cord clamping

  • The golden hour

  • Creating an anchor for relaxation.

  • Vitamin K

  • Birth and postpartum planning (we discuss scar management, mobilising & carrying baby, feeding (bottle or breast), things you might want to consider to make life a little easier)

  • You will receive a hypnobirthing mp3 C-section relaxation

Image by Mariano Rivas
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