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Laughter Yoga for Love, Connection & Positive Parenting

Laughter Yoga has been proven to have a wealth of positive physiological benefits. Here we consider laughter yoga as a tool for positive parenting.

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Laughter Yoga for Love, Connection & Positive Parenting
Laughter Yoga for Love, Connection & Positive Parenting

Time & Location

06 Feb 2021, 11:00 GMT


About the Event

Laughter Yoga was created by Dr Madan Kataria, a GP from Mumbai back in 1995 and was based upon Dr Kataria's extensive research into the benefits of laughter.

Scientific evidence shows that the body cannot tell the difference between real or "fake" laughter, so we get the same physiological benefits by engaging in set laughter exercises.

In order to experience this positive change, we need to engage in 10-15 minutes of deep diaphragmatic laughter (belly laughter) daily. Of course, one may say why do laughter yoga when we laugh naturally. But natural laughter is conditional, often relying on a 'trigger' such as something humorous, and this is unfortunately not guaranteed. Certainly, natural laughter lasts for moments and would not be sustainable in ordinary circumstances for 10-15 minutes.

Engaging in laughter yoga exercises with positive intention is the best way therefore to obtain these benefits which impact all facets of life - personal, professional and social.

'Laughter Yoga was conceived when the world needed it, at a time when everyday life was becoming more stressful and stress relieving methods were becoming more time-consuming, complicated or expensive.' (M. Kataria, Laughter Yoga: Daily Practices for Health and Happiness).

I feel strongly that amidst the pandemic, with tensions often rising high and finding ourselves with additional pressures or perhaps in unfamiliar territory as parents, we need laughter more than ever for our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of our loved ones.

I trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader back in 2011, and have since qualified as an Occupational Therapist and Perinatal Professional (KG Hypnobirthing, 3-Step Rewind trauma & phobia release, Mindful Breastfeeding and Beyond Birth Mental Wellbeing Practitioner).

Whilst studying Occupational Therapy, I decided that I wanted to bring Laughter Yoga into my work as an Occupational Therapist and use this as a tool to support occupational engagement and function.

Laughter Yoga  utilises deep yogic breathing (pranayama), set laughter exercises,  gentle movement and childlike play. Laughter yoga improves circulation and respiration. It increases endorphins (the body's feel-good hormones and natural pain relief) and oxytocin (the hormone of love and bonding) and reduces cortisol  (stress hormones) and  improves mood.

As a mother myself, I have utilised laughter yoga exercises more often during lockdown and find that it boosts feelings of playfulness and my ability to creatively and willingly play with my daughter, it enables me to respond in a playful and positive way and to see things more from my daughter's perspective.

Whatever the age of your child(ren), whether they are babies or teenagers, laughter yoga can truly support you in connecting to your family through love, playful positivity and joy.

Join me for a FREE Laughter yoga session online (you will be emailed joining details for the webinar).

Session format:

  • Introduction to Laughter Yoga
  • The physiological benefits of laughter yoga
  • Children, laughter and play - a child's occupation
  • Laughter for bonding and connection
  • Pranayama - yogic breathing
  • Laughter for harmony & peace on earth
  • Why laughter yoga as a tool for positive parenting
  • Laughter Yoga warm up
  • Laughter Yoga exercises
  • Laughter chanting & dancing
  • Laughter Meditation
  • Q&A  / Group discussion

This FREE Laughter Yoga webinar will take place from 11-12:30 on Saturday 6th February 2021.

I look forward to meeting and laughing with you then.

With warm wishes and lots of laughter,



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