Beyond Birth

Parental Wellbeing Course

Beyond Birth is a program created by Sophie Burch, aka The Mamma Coach. 

It is a mindfulness and wellbeing group or 1:1 support session for you as a new parent or caregiver.


Designed to be the weekly tonic that you need to keep your life in balance. With each session easing the transition into parenthood.

Beyond Birth guides you to explore your identity as a parent, and to connect with yourself, your baby and your loved ones.

Beyond Birth ensures that you take time to nurture yourself as well as your baby. By attending these sessions, you will be empowered to trust in your instincts and to reach out for help when needed. 

You (& your partner / support person where relevant) will learn skills to calm, soothe and tune inwards. These skills will help you to slow down and connect and they will ease the emotional intensity of early parenting. You will then be more able to enjoy and bank those first precious months, instead of finding that they go by like a blur.

These sessions are not designed as a medical intervention or to replace any medical support, however, by attending these sessions we are better equipped to deal with the emotional stresses and strains that we often experience as parents, particularly when traversing the early stages of parenthood. 

These sessions use a combination of mindfulness, relaxation, wellbeing journaling and other therapeutic techniques over the 6 weekly sessions. 

Currently I am offering 1:1 support to new parents, delivering the Beyond Birth program to you directly, online from the comfort of your home. 

I also offer face to face private sessions with parents based in the North East of England, from beautiful venues. 

From July, I will be running in-person group courses in Wylam, Northumberland at Explorers Forest School.

Contact me to discuss booking a private course and costs, or to enquire into my online or in-person group sessions. 

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Beyond Birth is a 6 week mindfulness & wellbeing program, covering the topics of:  Nurture, Emotions, Connections, Nourish, Healing & Recovery, and Transformation.