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Before Birth

Mindful Birth Preparation & Antenatal Wellbeing Course 

Before Birth is a beautiful addition to the Beyond Birth program by Sophie Burch, aka The Mamma Coach. 

It is a mindfulness and wellbeing program for expectant parents. 

Each session is designed to ease the transition into parenthood and prepare you emotionally as you approach the arrival of your baby. 

All too often, we focus on the "things" when preparing for our baby: the nursery furniture, the car seat, the buggy or carrier and so on... we very rarely spend the same amount of time and effort exploring our own emotions, mindset, expectations, hopes and dreams, nor do we often think of this as being as important to do.

Taking care of our wellbeing and exploring our emotions, including sharing our feelings with our loved ones is extremely important in the lead up to becoming parents. 

These sessions use a combination of mindfulness, relaxation, wellbeing journaling and other therapeutic techniques over the 6 weekly sessions. 

By engaging in mindful and wellbeing practices antenatally, this then has ongoing benefits into the postpartum period.

Attending Before Birth sessions allows us time to connect with our loved one and baby in utero, boosting our cocktail of happy hormones to include: endorphins, serotonin and oxytocin.

The more we practice mental and emotional wellbeing, we will experience less stress (cortisol) and in turn our baby will experience less stress in utero, with long-term positive benefits once earth-side. 


By engaging in Before Birth sessions we are able to block out the external noise and listen to our internal wisdom. 

Currently I am offering 1:1 support to new parents, delivering the Before Birth program to you directly, online from the comfort of your home. 

I also offer face to face private sessions with parents based in the North East of England, from beautiful venues. 

I provide a private course for parents combining my Before Birth and KG Hypnobirthing antenatal preparation courses to ensure that you are physically and emotionally prepared to welcome your baby and will be providing group online and in-person courses in the coming months.

Contact me to discuss booking a private course and costs, or to enquire into my online or in-person group sessions. 

To attend my free Before Birth taster workshop on 6th January, please head to my events to book.